Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Boredom Jar

I have seen this idea before and finally got around to making one. Though I'm using it more as a Summer Activity Jar. We plan to pull one activity out each day through the summer (except the week of VBS and the week my daughter is at summer camp). And my kids are huge fans of Phineas and Ferb so I used the common line from Phineas to decorate the front, just made it in Publisher and printed it out. Glued paper to a mason jar (widemouth), added some fun ribbons and voila! Below is a list of ideas I used. I added in a few chores just to keep it interesting. ;)

Exercise using mom’s instructions
Build an indoor fort
Read for 10 minutes
Eat a fruit
Play dress up
Eat a vegetable
Play a video game for 1/2 hour
Write in your journal
Ride your bike or skates
Write a letter
Help mom plan dinner
Water the plants
Play on the computer for 1/2 hour
Look at a photo album
Call dad at work
Interview a family member
Plan a family activity
Practice your school work
Take pictures of anything you want
Go to the park
Do a service for anyone you choose
Make cookies
Have a friend come over
Play with sidewalk chalk
Have a picnic
Play hopscotch
Draw a picture
Play hide and seek
Watch a movie with popcorn
Make an obstacle course
Play with bubbles
Color in a coloring book
Find 5 toys to donate
Run through the sprinklers
Do laundry
Eat some ice cream or special treat
Clean 1 toilet
Play a board game
Go for a walk
Make a sock puppet
Take a nap
Go swimming
Practice juggling a soccer ball
Make a craft with mom
Plan a treasure hunt, with clues
Do an art project
Make popsicles
Do 1 chore of mom’s choice
Draw a picture with your foot
Do 1 chore of mom’s choice
Write down 5 things you love about each person in your family
Do 1 chore of mom’s choice
Write someone a letter
Vacuum 1 room of mom’s choice
Wash the car
Take out the trash
Write a story
Pull weeds in the yard
Make a sculpture w/pretzels & peanut butter
Clean your room
Make a zoo for your stuffed animals
Organize your toys
Decorate picture frame with found things from outdoors