Saturday, October 23, 2010


I love these! Every year when I get our fall decor, I'm always so happy to see these little guys. And I think we need to make more as Ainsley was too little to make them and she's sad that none of them are "hers". Simple craft! Terra cotta pots in different sizes, yellow construction paper, Mod Podge, branches and hot glue. Cut faces or letters out of the construction paper, adhere with Mod Podge, then give the entire outside of the pot a final coat of Mod Podge to seal. Cut branches to length and use hot glue to attach to the hole in bottom (top) of pot. I just love the crazy faces that Hayley made. :)

Fall subway art

I have been seeing subway art all over the internet and really wanted one for fall to put on my dining room sideboard. Michael's had 2-packs of art canvases on 40% off so I think I only paid $8 for 2 of them, and they're pretty large - 18x24. I painted the entire canvas with chocolate brown paint, it needed a couple of coats, although I did like it slightly streaky so I wish I had left it that way but oh well. I planned to use my Silhouette craft cutter for the letters but I couldn't figure out how to get the letters in different sizes and widths, so I formatted it in Publisher, printed on white cardstock and cut them out. Since I used a simple, clean font (Arial MT Black) they were simple to cut out, maybe only took 30 minutes. Lining them up and spacing them was a little more tricky - I used a ruler and painters tape to line it all up. Then used Mod Podge to adhere the letters. I was going to seal it with Mod Podge but ended up leaving it alone. I'm really happy with how it came out and plan on making a Christmas one to go in that space.

Bathroom Re-Do

Our downstairs powder room was never quite "done". I had originally painted it the same color as our kitchen/dining room, which is a deep gold color, but it just never was quite what I wanted. Plus I couldn't STAND the pedestal sink! It's a tiny bathroom and had no place for storage...and I was tired of toilet paper in the baskets on the wall. So a friend inspired me to do kind of an antique look. I decided I wanted to do a light olive green on the walls, and we replaced the pedestal sink and ugly faucet with a new cabinet & bronze faucet. Added an old window and some old accessories and I LOVE it. We still need to make a frame around the mirror and I'm trying to make the letter G work in there a bit better, but I just love how it came out! The paint color is Ryegrass by Behr. I might put a big, deep red flower on the G and hang it up.
I think Dan was a little nervous to pull out the old sink and install the new cabinet and faucet, but he did an awesome job!

I found an old mason jar with the zinc lid, drilled a hole in the top and put in a pump, filled it with soap - love it!

The letter G was a big cardboard letter I bought at Joann's. I used an old book and some Mod Podge and covered the entire thing. Before I sealed it, I used some ink pads and a sponge to make it look more aged, then coated the entire thing with more Mod Podge.