Monday, March 8, 2010

I Sewed Something!

I am pretty impressed with myself! Sewing is NOT my gift. At all. Ask anyone. But I am determined to at least learn enough to make some simple things. I really wanted a small runner to put on my kitchen island, something green and spring-y looking. So I found some cute fabric and just dove in and did it. And it worked! I probably should have taken a better picture, but I was too lazy. ; )  Anyway, the runner is padded (quilted?) and I used some plain muslin for the reverse side - I also rounded the ends, which was really tricky. I sewed it together inside out with the batting, then turned it right side out, finished sewing it shut and then sewed again around the entire thing to give it a flat, finished edge. Yay me! I love how it turned out and can't wait to try something else!

Spring Wreaths

I think wreaths are becoming a new favorite of mine! I saw THIS idea and loved the simplicity of it. It was actually REALLY easy, especially once I figured out how to get the most circles punched out of each lunch bag. I love how this came out! (sorry for the horrible pictures, but my "good" camera died literally as I was trying to take these pictures - ugh!)

As for the slight differences in mine, my craft punch was more like 3" and I got 12 circles punched per lunch bag, and probably used about 10 or 12 bags? The butterflies were cut from some scrap paper and an old book - I used some ink to antique the edges and then used modge podge on them as the book paper was really thin and tore easily. I hot glued the butterflies to the wreath. And when gluing on the paper circles, I found it was easiest to make them into flowers (see the original post) and then glue 3 or 4 at a time. The only cost was the dollar store wreath. I had all the other supplies in my craft stash. Love how it looks hanging on my wall with some other spring decor! (yikes, these pics are so so bad, it really looks better in person, I promise!!!)
After I made the paper bag wreath, I was outside cutting the dead blossoms off my huge hydrangea bush. As they piled up, I realized they had the same look as the paper bag "blossoms". So I purchased a large grapevine wreath for a couple bucks and stuck the dead blossoms in the grapevine, then hung it on my front porch. I really love how it came out! (again, horrible picture, sorry)  And if it gets ruined from the wind, I can pull the blossoms out and do something different, or put fresh ones in there this summer.

Valentine's Frames

Terrible picture, I know, but they look really cute in person! These XOXO Frames are another cute idea from Tatertots & Jello. So easy too! I had to add the little velvet bow because I couldn't fit one more marble in the O but I like how it came out. I used hot glue for the marbles, and obviously only one row instead of multiple. Used one bag of the clear, floral marbles (not the flat-backed kind), frames from the Dollar Tree spray-painted black, and paper was on sale today for 25 cents each - bonus! And since the paper is over the glass, you can reuse these for something else - maybe I'll make something spring-y to put in them after February is THIS!

Valentine's Wreath

I have been spending way too much time doing the everyday mundane chores, and have been really want to do some crafting. I came across this cute Valentine's wreath idea from Tatertots & Jello. It's made out of cupcake liners! I love how it came out, although I may change the ribbon, it kind of looks like a funeral wreath with the ribbons hanging behind it. Not sure yet. :) All the directions are at the above link - I used about 60-62 cupcake papers. The 8" wreath form I got from the Dollar Tree. I found the cupcake liners at Michael's in a dollar bin, 48 in a package. I love how this turned out! More crafting to come...
In trying to be a little more organized AND give myself some more motivation, I thought I would start this craft blog to show some projects I have been and will be working on. By no means are any of my ideas "new"! Why reinvent the wheel, right? There are plenty of fabulous ideas out there that I want to attempt, and will usually give it my own spin. The list of ideas is piling up so I am anxious to get crafting!