Monday, March 8, 2010

I Sewed Something!

I am pretty impressed with myself! Sewing is NOT my gift. At all. Ask anyone. But I am determined to at least learn enough to make some simple things. I really wanted a small runner to put on my kitchen island, something green and spring-y looking. So I found some cute fabric and just dove in and did it. And it worked! I probably should have taken a better picture, but I was too lazy. ; )  Anyway, the runner is padded (quilted?) and I used some plain muslin for the reverse side - I also rounded the ends, which was really tricky. I sewed it together inside out with the batting, then turned it right side out, finished sewing it shut and then sewed again around the entire thing to give it a flat, finished edge. Yay me! I love how it turned out and can't wait to try something else!


Shirley said...

Very cool!

sarah said...

ok, so I will send you a few simple patterns that you can play around with-the tissue cozy is really easy.
So excited for you!! I looks fantastic-way to tackle quilting from the start!!