Friday, June 4, 2010

American Girl Doll beds

I have been promising to make doll beds for my girls' American Girl dolls FOREVER. Always seemed to have something else consuming my time, but now that MOPS is done my time is freed up, as is my mind. :) I think my husband was skeptical that we could build these since we had NO plans at all, and not a great deal of woodworking skills but I was determined to do it. So we looked at photos and the girls picked out what they wanted, bought the materials and voila! I love how they came out! The girls of course picked out their own bedding material and those were easier than I expected. I think we probably spent less than $50 total for both beds, spray paint, foam, and fabric. Not bad considering we would have spent WAY more than that for just one if we'd purchased them. Next project is to make armoires for them to store all the doll accessories. THAT I have plans for rather than trying to wing it. ;)