Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bathroom Re-Do

Our downstairs powder room was never quite "done". I had originally painted it the same color as our kitchen/dining room, which is a deep gold color, but it just never was quite what I wanted. Plus I couldn't STAND the pedestal sink! It's a tiny bathroom and had no place for storage...and I was tired of toilet paper in the baskets on the wall. So a friend inspired me to do kind of an antique look. I decided I wanted to do a light olive green on the walls, and we replaced the pedestal sink and ugly faucet with a new cabinet & bronze faucet. Added an old window and some old accessories and I LOVE it. We still need to make a frame around the mirror and I'm trying to make the letter G work in there a bit better, but I just love how it came out! The paint color is Ryegrass by Behr. I might put a big, deep red flower on the G and hang it up.
I think Dan was a little nervous to pull out the old sink and install the new cabinet and faucet, but he did an awesome job!

I found an old mason jar with the zinc lid, drilled a hole in the top and put in a pump, filled it with soap - love it!

The letter G was a big cardboard letter I bought at Joann's. I used an old book and some Mod Podge and covered the entire thing. Before I sealed it, I used some ink pads and a sponge to make it look more aged, then coated the entire thing with more Mod Podge.

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Missy said...

I love it!!

I may have to still the mason jar idea for the soap.