Monday, September 27, 2010

Reupholstered chair

This was a fun project and I love how it turned out! I found this chair at the thrift store and wanted it for my master bath that we were repainting - the best part is that when I tried to purchase it, my credit card kept crashing their computer so the guy finally gave me 50% off if I paid with cash. Sweet! Only $13 for the chair. Taking the material off was the hardest part - there must have been 500 staples on that thing and I ended up with a bruised hand and cuts all over my fingers from removing it. And the fabric was nasty and covered in pet hair so I was glad to get all of it off. Found some fun leopard fabric, some cording and fringe and gave it a whole new look. My upholstering skills are not the best and had to use a lot of hot glue but I think it came out great and now I have a fun little chair in the bathroom. :) Eventually I'll post some pics of the bathroom re-do but it's not finished - though you can see the fun paint color behind the chair.




Shirley said...

Great job, Mel! Hope that you're fully healed by now!

sarah said...

love it!!

sharon said...

love the chair and the paint color!